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Business Grants for People Previously Convicted of Felonies

As many as one in three Americans have criminal records. And since most employers run background checks on potential…
Personal Finance

How Car Owners Can Cope With Rising Negative Equity

When Atlanta resident Morgan Nichole Scott financed a used Infiniti QX60 in late summer 2020, car prices were starting…
Personal Finance

Financial Tips for New College Grads

For new college graduates, receiving that first post-degree paycheck can be almost as exciting as getting the diploma itself.…
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Chronic Illness? Here Is An Elder Who Refused To Let It Stop Her

Imagine having multiple sclerosis and being in a wheelchair for 25 years. That was Eleanor, in Tennessee, feeling trapped.…
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Auto Loan Delinquency: What It Is and How to Avoid It

Auto loan delinquency occurs when you haven’t made your car payment within a certain time frame after the monthly…
Personal Finance

AmEx Gold vs. Blue Cash Preferred: Gold Triumphs for Travel

But if you want to use rewards for travel, you’ll get the maximum value from the AmEx Gold. You’ll…
Personal Finance

What Is Accounting Software? Definition and Features

Accounting software stores a business’s financial transactions, automates accounting tasks, like recurring invoicing and transaction categorization, and generates reports.…
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What You Eat Can Cause Cognitive Decline—Know What To Avoid

A piece published by the American Bar Association’s Senior Lawyers Division reports on the international conference of the Alzheimer’s…
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Six Steps For Retirees To Help Protect Against Financial Losses Due To Dementia And Cognitive Decline

Surprisingly, one of the first signs of mild cognitive decline can be suffering a financial loss due to making…
Personal Finance

Deed of Trust: Definition, Uses

A deed of trust is a real estate transaction agreement that allows a third-party trustee to hold the property…
Personal Finance

What Is Medicare Easy Pay?

Have you ever wondered if you could get your Medicare premiums automatically deducted from your bank account each month?…

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