DeSantis signs monumental insurance bill

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Furthermore, it allows insurers to limit their bad faith liability when there are multiple claimants in a single action by paying the total policy amount before negotiations for a settlement begin, in addition to eliminating one-way attorney’s fees and fee multipliers.

In a tweet about these reforms, DeSantis said Florida has long been a “judicial hellhole” and that the changes are necessary to “protect Floridians and our economy from predatory lawsuits.”

Several insurance industry players have also welcomed the reforms, saying that the new law will help address Florida’s insurance affordability issues.

“By eliminating one-way attorney fees and fee multipliers for all lines of insurance, modernizing Florida’s bad faith law, and protecting small businesses from paying exorbitant damages, the reforms enacted will help restore fairness to Florida’s legal system, reduce the excessive number of frivolous lawsuits being filed, and ultimately help benefit consumers by increasing the availability and affordability of insurance over time,” a statement from American Property Casualty Insurance Association (APCIA) read.

Neil Alldredge, president and CEO of the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (NAMIC), additionally stated that the reforms will bring “much-needed stability” that is crucial to the “long-term goal of achieving a healthy and competitive insurance marketplace.”

Meanwhile, Louisiana insurance commissioner Jim Donelon discussed the possibility of introducing similar reforms in the state and said he would “absolutely” support a proposal targeting insurance lawsuit abuse, according to a report by the Louisiana Illuminator.

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