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8 Libraries That Let Nonresidents Check Out E-Books

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E-books are a godsend for book lovers. They reduce clutter and allow you to take a library on the go when you travel.

You can even check out e-books from the library and read them on your phone or e-reader. But what happens when your library’s selection of e-books is more limited than you would like?

Fortunately, you have other options. For an annual fee, a handful of public library systems around the country will allow you to check out e-books even if you are not a resident of the area the library serves.

Following are a handful of library systems that allow you to enroll in nonresident programs so you can broaden your access to more book titles.

Monroe County Library System, New York

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The Monroe County Library System charges a fee to nonresidents who want a library card. The cost is $25 per year.

See the library website for more details.

Houston Public Library, Texas

Houston Public Library, Julia Ideson Building, Texas
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Those living outside of Texas can get a library card to use at the Houston Public Library. The cost is $40 annually.

See the library website for more details.

Charlotte Mecklenburg Library, North Carolina

Charlotte Mecklenburg Library Hickory Grove branch, North Carolina
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If you live outside Mecklenburg County, you can still use the library. A nonresident card entitles you to “digital materials, resources, and physical items” from any of its branches. The cost is $45 per year for a household, or $35 for adults age 62 or older.

See the library website for more details.

Fairfax County Public Library, Virginia

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Those who do not live in Fairfax County or a reciprocal jurisdiction — which includes some other parts of Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C. — can obtain a nonresident library card for an annual fee of $27. However, the library notes that due to high demand, turnaround time on your request might be extended.

See the library website for more details.

Orange County Library System, Florida

Orlando Public Library, Florida
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The Orange County Library System offers a fee card that allows anyone who resides outside the library’s service area to use a slew of library services, including accessing e-books. The cost is $75 for three months, or $125 for a year.

See the library website for more details.

Queens Public Library, New York

Queens Public Library in Elmhurst, New York
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Nonresidents can get a Queens Public Library e-card for an annual fee of $50.

The card allows you to check out digital media such as e-books and to use other services.

See the library website for more details.

Miami-Dade Public Library System, Florida

Miami Beach Public Library
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If you are not a resident of Miami-Dade, you can still access the library’s services for an annual fee of $65.

See the library website for more details.

Chapel Hill Public Library, North Carolina

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Anyone who does not meet the established criteria for a free Chapel Hill Public Library card may purchase a card for an annual fee of $65.

See the library website for more details.

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