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Singapore Airlines Premium Economy Review

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Singapore Airlines is considered one of the top airlines in the world, no matter which cabin you fly. And Singapore Airlines premium economy is no exception. From extra legroom to priority boarding and additional checked baggage perks, Singapore Airlines premium economy offers a step up from the already-solid Singapore Airlines economy experience.

Here’s our Singapore Airlines premium economy review and what you can expect onboard.

Clunky seats limit legroom, but double armrests offer comfort

Premium economy seats vary slightly between Singapore Airlines aircraft but are pretty similar. Singapore Airlines offers premium economy on four types of aircraft:

  • Airbus A350-900.

  • Airbus A350-900ULR — an “ultra-long range” version of the Airbus A350 used on several Singapore Airlines routes to the United States.

  • Airbus A380.

  • Boeing 777-300ER.

Singapore Airlines didn’t install a premium economy cabin on its Boeing 787-10 aircraft.

(Photo by JT Genter)

Each Singapore Airlines premium economy cabin is arranged in a 2-4-2 configuration. That means you’ll reliably find two seats on either side of the aisle with four seats in the middle column.

(Photo by JT Genter)

The 2-4-2 arrangement is ideal for couples traveling together. Practically every row in Singapore Airlines premium economy offers two pairs of seats with one window seat and one aisle seat.

The middle column of seats works well for families and groups of four. But even if you get stuck in the middle column with others, the double armrests ensure you don’t have to jostle elbows with your neighbors.

Singapore Airlines Airbus A350-900ULR is configured with business and premium economy cabins. That means no one is stuck in economy on the longest flight in the world. However, it also leads to a colossal premium economy cabin.

(Photo by JT Genter)

If you’re flying solo, try to reserve one of the six solo seats at the back of the cabin on the Singapore Airlines A350-900ULR. The seats are similar to the others in the cabin. However, you’ll have an individual storage bin next to you instead of a seatmate.

(Photo by JT Genter)

Singapore Airlines premium economy seats are installed with 38 inches of pitch on all aircraft. That’s the de facto industry standard for premium economy seats. However, due to the thickness of Singapore Airlines premium economy seats, the legroom doesn’t feel quite as spacious as on other airlines.

(Photo by JT Genter)

Each seatback includes a sizable 13.3-inch in-flight entertainment screen, a literature pocket and a small coat hook. The seat’s footrest extends from the bottom of the seatback. There are two small, phone-sized pouches between the seats in front of you.

(Photo by JT Genter)

In addition to a footrest, each Singapore Airlines premium economy seat has a leg rest that extends from beneath the seat. Plus, each seat has an individually adjustable reading light and headrest.

Sip your pre-departure beverage and use Book the Cook for meaningful mealtime upgrades

Besides a more prominent seat, one key reason to book premium economy is the improved food and drink experience. And that starts on the ground.

Although it suspended the service during much of the pandemic, Singapore Airlines resumed offering pre-departure beverage choices in premium economy starting on Sept. 16, 2022.

Once in the air, Singapore Airlines premium economy passengers can select from a range of non-alcoholic beverages, including soft drinks, fruit juices, coffee and tea. In addition, passengers can relax with a glass of red or white wine, champagne, beer and various liquors and liqueurs. Premium economy passengers can even order a Singapore Sling or other select cocktails.

(Photo by JT Genter)

Singapore Airlines premium economy meals and side dishes are generally served wrapped in plastic and foil on a single tray.

(Photo by JT Genter)

Premium economy meals may look like economy meals at first glance. However, there are a couple of niceties. First, meals are served with metal cutlery and a reusable coffee cup.

But, much more importantly, Singapore Airlines premium economy passengers can take advantage of Singapore Airlines beloved “Book the Cook” meal pre-order option.

Singapore Airlines Book the Cook

On most long-haul Singapore Airlines flights, Singapore Airlines premium economy passengers can Book the Cook. Singapore Airlines Book the Cook lets travelers select from a much more comprehensive range of options than the three options available inflight. You can review the options for your flight on Singapore Airlines’ Book the Cook website.

To take advantage of Singapore Airlines Book the Cook, you generally must select your meal at least 24 hours before your flight. For flights from Newark, the cutoff is 48 hours before departure. After the cutoff time — or if your flight doesn’t qualify — the Book the Cook option will be grayed out.

(Photo by JT Genter)

Keep in mind that Book the Cook only affects your main dish. You will still get the same side dishes as other premium economy passengers based on the meal time.

For example, during a breakfast meal service, your meal will still be accompanied by fruit, yogurt and a croissant even if you order a dinner main.

The other perks, such as checked bags, can add hard value

(Photo by JT Genter)

Each premium economy seat is stocked at boarding with a lumbar pillow, plastic-wrapped blanket, and amenity kit. In addition, Singapore Airlines stores the passenger’s noise-canceling headphones in the seatback pocket.

And you don’t have to worry about disembarking with low-charge batteries. Each premium economy seat offers a universal power outlet and two USB outlets.

(Photo by JT Genter)

Other perks of Singapore Airlines premium economy include:

  • Extra baggage allowance: Each Singapore Airlines premium economy passenger can check a bag up to 77 pounds (35 kilograms) free of charge.

  • Dedicated check-in line: Singapore Airlines premium economy passengers can access a dedicated check-in line at Singapore airport and select other airports.

  • Priority boarding: Singapore Airlines premium economy passengers get priority boarding. That is except on flights on the Airbus A350-900ULR, as it doesn’t have an economy cabin.

  • Additional mileage earnings: Another perk of upgrading to premium economy is a higher earning rate with Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer and other mileage programs.

Worth it for the long-haul

Singapore is a long way from the United States. This service certainly delivers if you’re looking for extra legroom and a better experience on ultra-long flights to Singapore. 

With pre-departure drinks, the ability to pre-order meals through Book the Cook, extra legroom and a large in-flight entertainment screen, Singapore Airlines premium economy offers a step up from any economy product available on routes to Singapore.

(Top photo courtesy of Singapore Airlines)

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