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5 Types of Products With the Most Fake Reviews on Amazon Right Now

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Just about everybody shopping for a product online takes at least a quick peek at the reviews to see how other customers liked the item.

Unfortunately, those evaluations might not be worth much. In fact, a lot of the time, they can be downright misleading.

Recently, Fakespot — a site that “spots, analyzes and identifies fake reviews and counterfeits” — offered its rundown of the most fake-reviewed categories on Amazon.

Fakespot assigns the following grades to reviews:

A and B: Reviews are reliable

C: Mix of reliable and unreliable reviews

D and F: Insufficient reliable reviews”

Fakespot ranked the following product categories based on their share of reviews that have a grade of “C” or lower.

5. Watches (tie)

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Reviews in this product category that earned a Fakespot grade of “C” or lower: 45%

“Psst! Hey buddy, wanna buy a watch?”

Those of us who are of a certain age remember that old comedic line, typically uttered by a less-than-honest salesperson walking the streets. As it turns out, a twist on the phony watch scam has moved into the digital age in the form of fake reviews.

Unlike the classic scam, you are unlikely to pry open your watch only to find the case is empty of any mechanical workings. But thanks to fake reviews, you just might buy something that is not up to the standard you were expecting.

5. Christmas trees and decor (tie)

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Reviews in this product category that earned a Fakespot grade of “C” or lower: 45%

Talk about Grinch-like behavior: Who would ruin a family’s holiday season by intentionally steering them toward inferior trees and decorations?

Believe it or not, many sellers of these items engage in such devious appraisals. Saoud Khalifah, founder and CEO of Fakespot, says “sellers know that getting into the top 5 with fake reviews can make or break their sales this holiday season.”

If Santa is paying attention, he knows where to deliver those lumps of coal this year.

3. Smartwatch bands

Smartwatch band
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Reviews in this product category that earned a Fakespot grade of “C” or lower: 45.3%

Apparently, going after folks shopping for old-school watches isn’t enough for rapscallion reviewers. They also target those shopping for smartwatch bands.

As Khalifah points out, a band is an accessory likely to pique the interest of just about anyone buying a smartwatch. So, this product offers fertile ground to mislead shoppers who are primed to spend.

2. Pullovers and sweaters

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Reviews in this product category that earned a Fakespot grade of “C” or lower: 59.5%

Chances are good that your No. 1 requirement for any pullover or sweater is that it keeps you warm and holds up in the wash. But cold-hearted reviewers could care less about that.

Instead, they want to make a sale — and they’re only too happy to fib to get you to pry open your wallet.

Khalifah says fake reviews are common in this category because less-than-ethical sellers know that people love to wear fun sweaters at family gatherings.

1. Slippers

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Reviews in this product category that earned a Fakespot grade of “C” or lower: 71%

Finally, fake reviews have absolutely overrun the category of slippers.

That’s right, slippers.

Khalifah says he was surprised to find such a large percentage of fake reviews in this category. Yet, he says that if you peruse slipper sellers on Amazon, you will find “no-name brands with tens of thousands of ratings.”

That is a surefire oddity that screams “fake reviews” if ever there was one.

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