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The Guide to Cat 70 Travel Insurance

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If it’s time to plan your next adventure, travel insurance may be on your mind. And for good reason: It can help protect the investment you’ve made in plane tickets and accommodations, and your own health and safety, too. But there are so many insurance companies out there it can be hard to choose.

So here’s a look at one of them — Cat 70 travel insurance. What does Cat 70 offer? Is it the right choice for you?

What does Cat 70 travel insurance offer?

Cat 70 coverage is designed for both domestic and international travel. In contrast to several other travel insurance companies, Cat 70 only offers one plan: the Cat 70 Travel Plan.

Coverage in the the Cat 70 Travel Plan includes:

What does it cost and cover?

To better understand coverage in this Cat 70 travel insurance review, we searched for coverage for a $2,000, one-week trip to Canada for a 35-year-old Texas resident.

Here are more details about what is included. The cost for this plan is $113, roughly 5.65% of the total trip cost.

Cat 70 Travel Plan

Trip cancellation

Trip interruption

Cancel for COVID-19 sickness

Included in trip cancellation and interruption.

Hurricane and weather

  • Common carrier delay for 48 hours.

  • Mandatory evacuation conditionally covered.

  • Accommodation made uninhabitable.

  • Must be purchased before the storm is named.

Foreign and domestic.

Financial default

Covered after 14-day wait.

Cancel for medical reasons

Included in trip cancellation and interruption.

Cancel for work reasons

No coverage.

Travel delay

$500 ($150 daily limit, minimum six-hour delay).

Missed connection

$500, covered after a three-hour delay.

Emergency medical (including COVID-19 sickness)

Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation

Accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) 24 hour

Baggage & personal items loss

$500 maximum. $100 per item, $250 specific items limit.

Baggage delay

$200 maximum. $100 daily limit (after 24-hour delay).

Since there is only one travel insurance plan offered by Cat 70, it’s easy to assess the benefits and compare it to plans from other insurance providers. One main benefit to note is the presence of coverage for COVID-19 sickness, including treatment during travel and trip cancellation.

While emergency medical evacuation isn’t as robust as with some other plans, baggage delay includes sporting equipment loss, and trip interruption and travel delay are on par with many other plans.

Additional options and add-ons

Optional Add-ons

Cat 70 Travel Plan

Cancel For Any Reason (75% of trip cost)

Cancel For Any Reason, or CFAR, coverage offers peace of mind if you have to cancel your trip, regardless of reason — not just typically covered reasons (like medical emergencies). If you opt for this add-on to coverage, you’ll be reimbursed up to 75% of prepaid, nonrefundable trip payments .

You do have to purchase this additional coverage within 14 days of the date of your first payment, so if you think you might need it, don’t delay. Note, too, that you must cancel your trip at least two days before you’re scheduled to depart.

What’s not covered

Naturally, few travel insurance policies cover everything. Areas not covered in the Cat 70 insurance policy include:

  • Extreme sports: Adventure sports and activities like rock climbing, horse racing and bungee jumping aren’t covered.

  • Canceling for fear of COVID-19: Unless you purchased CFAR add-on coverage, you can’t cancel simply because you’re worried travel might expose you to COVID-19.

  • Loss of certain items in checked luggage: If your luggage is lost, you may be shocked to learn not everything inside your bag will be covered. Examples of items not covered in the event of lost luggage are art, event tickets, glasses, hearing aids, money and prosthetics.

How to find a policy

To search for a Cat 70 travel insurance policy for your trip, head to Cat 70’s website and select “Search Policies.” You’ll be taken to the Squaremouth search portal where you will enter your trip details.

The website will then provide a list of policies to compare, with Cat 70 at the top.

Who should get a Cat 70 travel insurance policy?

Almost anyone traveling domestically or internationally could benefit from purchasing a Cat 70 Travel Plan. Trip cancellation coverage is good, delayed luggage policies are on par with other companies’ offerings and the option to cancel for financial default is a plus.

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