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Should I Switch My 401K Contribution to the Roth Option Near Retirement?

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Life is about events, the challenges we overcome or not, our successes and failures, but, even more, it’s about how we touch and are touched by the people we meet.

Nicole is back! She is here this week to help me answer your listener questions. In this episode, we discuss the challenges of making friends in retirement, the value of international diversification, contributing to a Roth 401K vs. a regular 401K, the 4% rule, and much more.

I created the Retirement Answer Man show to help you, not just with the business side of retirement, but also to help you build a successful life so that you can lean in and really rock retirement. This month we are answering your retirement questions. If you have a question to submit, head on over to to proffer your questions. Remember, if you want to get bumped to the front of the line and use our fastpass option by recording an audio question.

Check out these resources to learn more about inflation in retirement and the RRC Have you been thinking about joining the Rock Retirement Club? If so, sign up for our updates so that you can be the first to learn about the next online open house. We’ll be opening enrollment at the end of October and plan to have a few open house opportunities between now and then. These open houses will be an informative way to for you to learn more about the club so that you can decide whether it is right for you.

Are you worried about inflation in retirement? If so, we have created a resource to help you navigate this worrisome hurdle. Check out to get this FREE information to help you think strategically about inflation in retirement.

Trying to make friends as a single person in retirement can be a challenge In many 55+ communities, it is pretty easy to make new friends. Everyone is a transplant from somewhere else and there are endless opportunities to join activities and clubs.

However, if you are single it may not be as easy as it is if you are married. Many retirement activities are geared toward couples so single people can have a harder time getting invitations.

Are you single in retirement? What strategies have you implemented to help you make friends? Reply to the 6-Shot Saturday newsletter with your suggestions.

Why keep international equities? Many people wonder what the point of keeping international equities in a portfolio is. It seems as though global equities fall at the time when we need them to be stable or growing, so why bother to include them in our portfolios? Traditionally, they do poorly as compared to other markets, yet including international equities is recommended as a part of having a diversified portfolio strategy.

I tend to recommend international equities, not for diversification, but for the fact that many fantastic companies aren’t based in the U.S. Think about Toyota, Mercedes, Glaxo, Novartis, and even Ikea. Rather than considering a different asset class to add to your portfolio, choose the best worldwide companies to expand your portfolio to include top-notch mid to large-cap international companies.

OUTLINE OF THIS EPISODE OF THE RETIREMENT ANSWER MAN PRACTICAL PLANNING SEGMENT [5:23] On making friends [8:23] The value of international diversification LISTENER QUESTIONS [12:05] Should I contribute to my Roth 401K or just a 401K near retirement [16:12] Are investment advisor fees worth it? [26:00] Why haven’t I heard back from the IRS? [29:06] Where do my 401K profits go when inflation goes up? [32:33] How does the 4% rule apply to dividends? [35:22] Is 15% enough to save for retirement? [37:20] Why is there a disclaimer about indices at the end of the show? TODAY’S SMART SPRINT SEGMENT [40:43] Be inclusive make an effort to reach out to new people you meet Resources Mentioned In This Episode Rock Retirement Club

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