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Walmart Rolls Out New Rewards Program

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Courtesy of Walmart / Money Talks News

Those who subscribe to Walmart+ now have a new way to rack up additional savings.

Walmart Rewards, which launched today, lets shoppers accumulate digital rewards when making certain purchases. Those rewards can be redeemed when buying other items in the future.

For example, shoppers who buy products on Walmart’s website or app might see an option to add a reward when buying a particular item, like a 75-cent reward for buying a particular brand of ketchup.

Once the reward is added, shoppers can “bank” it in their online account or app. These rewards can then be used on future purchases both in stores and online.

According to a Walmart press release:

“Let’s say after a few shopping trips or online orders, a member has accumulated $10 in Walmart Rewards. When they apply those savings at checkout, what was previously a $25 basket now only costs $15.”

If you are familiar with the cash-back app Ibotta, you might notice similarities between it and the Walmart Rewards program, as the program is powered by the Ibotta Peformance Network.

Walmart says the rewards program initially is focused on “providing rewards on items purchased by our members,” but that over time, the retailer will “expand the program to deliver new ways to earn rewards.”

There is no additional charge to Walmart+ members who use the rewards program. However, Walmart+ itself costs $12.95 a month or $98 a year.

This is the second big perk added to Walmart+ in recent days. For more, check out “Walmart+ Members to Get a Free Streaming TV Service.”

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