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The Housing Market Correction Has Begun (BIG PRICE CUTS)

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The housing market correction has begun, with more and more big price cuts coming.

Here’s how we know it’s coming, and what you can do to benefit.

Mortgage payments are skyrocketing.

The average 30y fixed-rate mortgage payment rose by more than 40% last year – this is unsustainable and unrealistic for the average American homeowner based on current prices.

Prices became too elevated – too quickly.

The Case-Shiller U.S. National Home Price Index is rising at the same pace as before the Great Financial Crisis. When prices are too elevated – too quickly, demand deteriorates.

Mortgages and home prices are both lagging indicators – usually about 18 months behind.

What leading indicators have been pointing towards this correction?

The National Association of Home Builders shows us that potential home buyers are disappearing rapidly.

Each time prospective buyers have dropped precipitously – home prices collapse the following year.

New Home Sales seem to peak 12-18 months before a major housing downturn.

Building Permits top-out shortly after New Home Sales – what do you notice today?

We seem to be topping out in permits, with sustained declines in reported levels over the last few months.

The icing on the cake.

More price drops on homes up for sale than any time since 2015 indicate a STRONG reversion to the mean for the housing market.

With all of these price cuts happening in the housing market – how can you position yourself to benefit?

Watch until the end of the video, of course 🙂

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰:
0:00 – Intro
0:18 – Mortgage Payments Are Skyrocketing
1:36 – Prices Too Elevated Too Quickly
2:30 – Leading Indicators Demand Destruction
5:00 – Increasing Inventory
6:14 – How Can You Benefit?
8:12 – My Thoughts
11:29 – WBF University
12:23 – LOL


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