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How To Build The Golden Butterfly Portfolio (VERY LOW RISK)

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In today’s video, we’re going to analyze the Golden Butterfly portfolio, which is almost a hybrid of Ray Dalio’s all-weather portfolio which I reviewed earlier this year on this channel.

This will be similar to my other videos dissecting the lazy portfolio aka the 3 fund portfolio, and this golden butterfly portfolio is actually a lazy portfolio in and of itself, given your risk tolerance.

So Here’s a clue, this is a very risk-averse portfolio, and 60% of it contains investments that I probably wouldn’t recommend investing in today given the current macro environment.

However, as investors, we must keep an open mind and be open to hearing all different types of portfolios and seeing different types of investment philosophies in order to stay Sharp.

In this video, I’m going to explain what the Golden Butterfly portfolio is, what assets it contains, and some of its past performance which I think you’ll be slightly surprised by.

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰:
0:00 – Intro
1:07 – What is The Golden Butterfly Portfolio
2:00 – What Assets Are Included?
2:40 – Golden Butterfly Breakdown
3:20 – Wealthfront Spot
5:15 – Portfolio Breakdown (con’t)
9:40 – Golden Butterfly Backtest
15:19 – LOL

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