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Happy Friday! Hope you are having a great day! Today’s video is about a stock that has not been doing real good in the stock market lately. I have been buying this stock heavily before. And ill be honest, if this stock keeps going down I will probably buy more stock in it. I am going to discuss why this particular stock has been going down and the stock price has just not gone up!

The stock I am talking to you about today is Corsair Gaming (CRSR)! Corsair Gaming (CRSR) has had a cheap valuation for a long time but for some strange reason, the stock price has not gone up! Corsair Gaming (CRSR) refuses to go up! There are reasons why Corsair Gaming (CRSR) has not gone up in stock price and I want to tell you exactly what those reasons are!

Hope you enjoy this video! Make sure to smash the thumbs up button! Subscribe to the channel for more stock market videos! Leave me a comment with your thoughts on Corsair Gaming (CRSR). Do you believe this stock is going to go up in the future? Or do you think this stock is destined to stay at the current price for years to come?

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