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Using a Mortgage Broker vs. a Lender

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There are several options available to you when you need to find a loan to purchase a home. For example, you can work with a mortgage broker who will take your specific needs and circumstances into account and compare rates from a variety of lenders. You could also research lenders on your own and work directly with one that fits your requirements and offers you the best rate.

A mortgage broker is an optional third party who connects home buyers with lenders. They gather and verify information from you, such as your income and credit history, and use it to find loans and negotiate rates and terms on your behalf. They can be paid by either you or the lender, so make sure you understand a particular broker’s fee structure before you start working with them. Even when the lender pays, it will sometimes just incorporate this expense into your loan.

A lender is a financial institution, such as a bank or credit union, that would provide home buyers with the actual loan. When choosing a lender, consider the details of your situation in addition to pursuing the best rates. For example, if you live in a rural area and are interested in a , you’ll want to concentrate your research on lenders that have a lot of experience with that kind of loan.

While it isn’t necessary to work with a mortgage broker, some home buyers do value the guidance, convenience and industry knowledge they can provide.

There are also advantages to working with a lender without involving a mortgage broker, such as cost savings and direct communication.

Thanks to the internet, it’s far easier to on your own than it was in years past. By carefully considering your own needs and individual situation (such as being a veteran or having a ), you can search for lenders that fit your criteria, whether you decide to contact lenders on your own or work with a broker.

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