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American Insurance Review
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American Risk Insurance Company is a growing insurance company that seeks to provide insurance products and solutions to citizens of the United States. In this American Risk Insurance review, I would be talking about the insurance company, some of their products, and how their operations are carried out.

At the American Risk Insurance Company, insurance products and solutions with the best protection clauses, quality service, and competitive prices are offered. The company prides itself on being able to promptly respond to and resolve claims and its solid asset base that guarantees financial stability.

To begin this American Risk Insurance review, let’s take a look at their policies and products.


American Risk Insurance Company Policies and Products

Currently, the American Risk Insurance Company is offering flood insurance, renters & condominium owner’s insurance, and homeowners insurance. The company’s reach and presence are only in three (3) states of the United States namely Oklahoma, Texas, and Ohio.

This is probably the foremost problem with buying insurance from the American Risk Insurance Company. You must either be in Oklahoma or Ohio or Texas before you can enjoy any of ARI’s policies. Let’s take a look at the insurance products offered by ARI.

ARI Flood Insurance

ARI offers flood insurance to residents in Texas. The company is partnering with one of the world’s largest reinsurance companies, SwissRe, to provide cheap and affordable insurance for Texans.

According to Fred Behzadi, the president and vice-chairman of the ARI board, Texans are always victims of floods leading to hundreds of uninsured flood losses hence their decision to begin selling flood insurance to Texans who are already enjoying the American Risk Insurance homeowners insurance policy.

The cost of ARI flood insurance is $150 per annum and this covers the full cost of repairing and replacing personal property and belongings. It is way above the standard and offers more quality than the NFIP flood insurance.

Needless to say, the ARI flood insurance is a must-have for persons living in the flood prone areas of Texas.


ARI Homeowners Insurance

The ARI homeowners insurance covers for any damage done to your home either from a fire outbreak, theft, vandalism, break-in, communal clash, and so on. It comes with three (3) cover options intending policyholders can choose from which building only, content only, and both content and building.

You can choose to insure only your building such that the company will only pay claims for damages done to your building. In the content only option, only the stuff in your house is covered by the insurance company. Lastly, the content and building option, as the name implies, covers both your building and the things inside it.

ARI serves this insurance in all three (3) states of Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Ohio.

ARI Renters and Condominium Owner’s Insurance

In addition to the ARI homeowners insurance, ARI announced they will now sell renters and condominium owner’s insurance in the State of Texas. The renters and condominium owner’s insurance policy is relatively cheap and begins at $20 per month.

The ARI renters and condominium owner’s insurance covers the full replacement, repairs, and liabilities of renters and persons who own condominiums. With the ARI renters and condominium owner’s insurance policy, policyholders can qualify for a variety of discounts such as claims-free renewal and so on.


ARI Agent Login

The American Risk Insurance Company makes it possible for members of the public to become agents and make some money from the sales of American Risk Insurance Company. To login to the ARI Agent portal, visit the link below:

On the ARI Agent login page, you will be asked to submit the agent code, username, and password. If you are not an agent already, you will have to sign up and you can do that on the ARI website.

American Risk Insurance Claims

Claims resolution is one important feature intending policyholders should look out for before buying an insurance policy. A company that offers fast claims resolution is often preferred than others.

ARI like I said earlier on, prides themselves in their ability to respond to and resolve claims. To file a claim at ARI, any day, and at any time of the day, simply call the toll-free number and the other ARI phone numbers I will list below.

American Risk Insurance Phone Number

Toll Free: 1-866-635-9959

Local: 713-559-3600 or 713-559-0700

Fax: 713-559-0702

Information Needed In Claims Filing

When you want to file a claim, the American Risk Insurance Company will ask you for the following details:

  • Your full name
  • Your contact information
  • Your policynumber
  • A full description of the event including losses and damages

Ensure you provide your correct details and promptly so the company can start working to resolve your claims.


ARI Customer Service

To make inquiries and get information about your policy or how to get an insurance policy from ARI, dial any of the ARI customer service numbers below:

Toll Free: 1-866-711-1979
Local: 713-559-0700
Fax: 713-559-0704

ARI Quote

To get an estimate of how much your insurance policy with ARI will cost, visit the ARI website and under the ‘Get Quote’ section, enter your location or browse the list of ARI agents to get a quote.

The insurance company works with a community of Authorized Independent Agents to provide insurance products for its customers. These agents are trained to help you choose the right cover for flood insurance, homeowners insurance, or renters insurance.

If you are in Oklahoma or Louisiana, call 1.866.711.1979 to get a quote.

And that does it on this American Risk Insurance review.

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