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I have OVER $2,500,000 in These 4 Stocks

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In todays video I’m going to share with you my 4 biggest stock positions. These total out at $2,500,000!! Holy Smokas! I will talk to you about these 4 stocks that I own and why I like these stocks and why I think ill do well in these stocks.

Some of these stocks are stocks I have been holding for a long time and some of these stocks are stocks that I have only recently started a position in. I hope you enjoy this video where I talk about 4 specific stocks and my thesis for them. I will also talk to you guys about these stocks valuations!

Leave me a comment with your opinion on these stocks! Do you own any of these stocks? Are you looking to buy any of these stocks? Don’t forget to smash that like button! Also let me know if there is a stock to buy now or a stock to watch now.

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Want to see the stock I own? I will show you them all here

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