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How You Can Test The Waters of Entrepreneurship

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If you look at the statistics around entrepreneurship, the outlook can be pretty bleak. Over the long-term, most businesses will eventually fail or close up shop.

That doesn’t always have the be the case, though. If you start out with realistic expectations, a toolbox of valuable skills, a tireless determination to endure through challenging times, and a field-tested plan to help you get to your goals, you’re going to be just fine.

However, some people still suffer from imposter syndrome or remain held back by their fear — whether they are afraid to fail or afraid to succeed. Our goal with this conversation is to remove those fears by helping you take entrepreneurship for a test drive in a low risk environment.

In this episode, we talk about three business models that require minimal knowledge, skills, or financial capital to get started, but can be lucrative endeavors to pursue in parallel with your day job.

You’ll learn about:

Why having a “side hustle” is an attractive option for people staring down retirement
Why you shouldn’t quit your day job to become an entrepreneur — and what to do instead
What skills or personality traits are likely to increase your chances of success as a business owner
Three businesses you could start this week to take entrepreneurship for a test drive
What to do once you’ve determined that entrepreneurship is right for you and you’re ready to take it seriously

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