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Predicting and Planning For Getting Laid Off

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Nobody expects to be laid off, but every day there is someone in the workforce who loses their job unexpectedly. The good news is, we can all take steps to prevent or prepare for the worst, so that if bad news comes our way, we can soften the blow and land safely on our feet.

We’re not here to hype up some kind of doomsday scenario, but the fact of the matter is that layoffs can happen at any time, to any person, for any number of reasons. The scary part is that a lot of those reasons are outside of our control.

So, in this episode we’re talking about how you can proactively identify and plan for a potential layoff scenario so that you and your family are prepared to weather the storm emotionally and financially.

You’ll learn about:
What warning signs you should be on the lookout for
What steps you can take to try to avoid getting laid off altogether
Three areas of life that you should always have a handle on
What you can do on the side to prepare for the worst case scenario

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