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How Women Can Take Charge of Their Retirement Plan

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There are a variety of reasons that could be drivers of the retirement savings gap that many women are facing…

Prioritization – more focused on short-term financial needs
Wage gap – often paid less to do the same job
Maternity leave – leaving the workforce to raise a family
Personal leave – leaving the workforce to care for a sick loved one
Divorce – may be without an existing job/career at point of separation
Solo parenthood – single mothers are far too common

Regardless of the source of the issue, the reality is that women, on average, save much less for retirement than their male counterparts.

This might not seem like a big concern at first, but when you consider that the average human life expectancy has never been higher and women tend to live longer than men, you can imagine a scenario where a woman could easily outlive the financial runway she has established for herself.

In this episode, we talk about ways that women can use entrepreneurial endeavors to not only catch up to their savings goals, but also create streams of income that can continue to sustain their lifestyle for the rest of their days.

You’ll learn about:

Why women often fall behind on their savings goals
What types of businesses women can start on the side to accelerate their savings plan
What types of business endeavors are trending among women in the No Nest Egg Retirement community and elsewhere
What steps you should take if you want to get your retirement plan back on track as soon as possible

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