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Debunking 5 Myths About Entrepreneurship

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When most people think about starting a business, they get overwhelmed by all of the things they think are required to be successful…

Tons of startup capital
Years of experience running other businesses
Advanced technical skills or knowledge
Complex financial management practices
Hiring (and paying) a team of full-time employees
Sure, there are some types of businesses that could require any (or all) of those things, but they certainly aren’t required for ALL types of businesses.

If you set realistic expectations around what you want your business to look like in terms of scope, revenue, or headcount, you can reduce or remove a lot of the risk and resource requirements.

In this episode, we debunk some of the most popular myths around entrepreneurship and offer alternative perspectives on how you can get past those roadblocks and start building a business TODAY.

You’ll learn about:
How to start a business with minimal financial investment
How to compensate for a lack of business acumen or technical skills
How to transition safely from a 9-to-5 to entrepreneurship
How to maintain a healthy level of work-life balance
How to find other people to support you along your journey

References and Resources:
Average Age of Successful Founder is 45

The No Nest Egg Retirement Plan (and Community)

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