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Announcing Retirement Plan Live, Flying Solo Edition

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Meet Sam. She is 59, single and ready to retire.

Tomorrow we kick off the 5th Edition of our Retirement Plan Live retirement case study with a listener from the retirement Answer Man podcast. A retirement planning case study with a baby boomer

1. Create her retirement goals
2. Organize her money and resources
3. Talk about how to invest money for retirement
4. How to manage the common retirement risks of retiring

Each week, you’ll get to listen in as Sam and I develop her retirement goals, organize her resources and outline the risks of retiring single. We’ll discuss budgets, pensions, the stock market, social security and much more.

Meet Sam and 5 other singles here

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Roger Whitney, CFP®, CIMA®, CPWA®, AIF® is a cofounder of WWK Wealth Advisors and host of the award-winning podcast The Retirement Answer Man. He has been a financial planner for over 27 years. Each day he “walks life” with individuals and families, helping them plan for, transition into, and live out their retirement.
He is a former instructor of retirement planning and employee benefits for the Certified Financial Planner certificate program at the University of Texas at Arlington. He has also taught wealth management at Texas Christian University Extended Education.

His recent book is called, Rock Retirement: A Simple Guide to Help You Take Control and Be More Optimistic About the Future.

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