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Short- My Friend George and his Master Stroke of Genuis- Options for a New Economy

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George is one of the most gifted salesmen on the planet. How in the world could he be in such a terrible financial situation at age 53 only a year ago?

As a first-generation American, George and his 4 siblings all went to Ivy League schools. His father had come from Spain and believed education was the key to success. Two doctors, one engineer, one real estate entrepreneur, and George was the youngest. When he got his first job at Bankers Trust flying all over Latin America, he seemed like the most successful of the lot.

He married Ellie, his college sweetheart and a northeast prep school kid. They had three daughters in rapid succession and George was adopted into a well- to- do WASPY extended family. His in-laws had a summer “castle” in Normandy, which only added to George’s repertoire of stories and experiences.

We met at Goldman Sachs where George was hands down one of the best salesmen.

George could walk into a meeting cold and connect like he’d known the older rich guy his whole life. Somehow George could quickly make a human connection where there had never been any familiarity. Click here:

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