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Can Carl Retire? Find Out Starting January 7th, 2014

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Are You Confident You’re on Track to Achieve Your Ideal Retirement?

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To help you identify and work towards your ideal retirement, I’ve created a unique free online retirement experience for the month of January.

Start to Find Answers to Retirement Questions We’re All Afraid to Ask

When can I retire?
What lifestyle can I expect?
WIll I run out of money?
What am I missing?
During the month of January, you get the chance to listen to a real retirement planning engagement. Each week, on my podcast, you’ll get to follow along as I create a retirement plan for a listern of the show. It’s all real and unrehearsed.

Carl (not his real name), is married, in his early 50s and has retirment goals just like you.

Here’s the Best Part! YOU Get the Chance to Plan Alongside Carl!!

Sign Up and Get:
A link to listent to each step
Free weekly summaries of Carl’s plan
Free worksheets and checklists for each step of the proces
Free video tutorials to help you each week
Free access to the LIVE webinar on January 30th
You’ll listen in as I walk Carl through each step in the process:

January 7th Defining anideal retirement
January 14th Indentfying and organizing financial resources
January 21st Identiflying risk to the plan
January 28th Setting an estate plan and giving strategy
January 30th LIVE webinar presentation giving Carl his results
During the webinar, you and Carl will watch live and ask questions as I stress test Carl’s plan against the most common retirement worries:
Bad market returns
High inflation
Long-term care costs
Outliving his assets
Sign up now and get ready to create your plan alongside Carl!

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