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Create your own pension using an annuity | Craig Spears- Woodstock, Georgia

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Many companies are dropping their traditional pension plans in a cost cutting maneuver, and many workers are compensating with the purchase of annuities and the consistent income they can provide.

Craig Spears, a financial advisor from Woodstock, Georgia, explains why pensions have been so valuable and why annuities make such a great alternative for those planning for retirement.

He says that many employers have replaced pension plans with a 401k, but unlike the pension, the employee is responsible for contributing the 401k, not the employer. In today’s time, a 401k is subject to market volatility, and Craig recommends having other plans in place.
Craig explains that annuities are a great place to put money into because they offer tax deferred growth and can provide guaranteed retirement income for life. In many ways, you can create your own pension by using an annuity, he says.

Craig Spears is a financial planner with Triumph Advisors in Woodstock, Georgia. The firms assists individuals and families with their financial planning and retirement planning needs.

Craig Spears

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