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Jack Marrion-Index Annuities, A Suitable Approach

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Scott Drake interviews annuity guru Jack Marrion about his new book..”Index Annuities…A Suitable Approach.”

The book for today’s index annuity environment that not only explains index annuity concepts and crediting methods with more easy-to-understand graphics, but compares index annuities with other financial vehicles. The successor to Index Annuities — Power & Protection . A comprehensive look at annuity suitability, how to keep out of trouble with regulators, actual case studies to help the annuity producer stay compliant, a look at how securities registration affects what is suitable.

Jack Marrion is president of a research consultancy that publishes the Index Compendium newsletter, the consumer education materials of Safe Money Places and the Advantage Compendium research studies. He is frequently referenced by regulators and in SEC rule filings relating to annuities, as well as appearing as an expert witness. His first index annuity book Index Annuities — Power & Protection is regarded as the ultimate text on index annuities

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