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Dr. Mark Lachs…”Treat Me…Not My Age”

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Dr. Mark Lachs…”Treat Me…Not My Age”

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Too often our culture defines the aging process negatively instead of embracing it as a natural part of life. Nowhere is this problem more pronounced than in our health-care system, where “ageist” medicine often serves to worsen our medical issues instead of helping us figure out how to address or avoid them. Whether we’re forty or eighty, what we need is an insider’s guide to staying healthy despite the system.
In this book, renowned geriatrician Mark Lachs takes readers on a grand tour of adult medicine, showing how we can navigate a complex and confusing system to make the best choices for ourselves and our loved ones. With gentle humor and great wisdom, Lachs explains how being proactive and making smart decisions can lay the groundwork for a satisfying, active lifestyle that lasts well into the golden years.
You’ll find out:
• How to identify the right primary care doctor, specialist, or care facility
• Why the hospital is no place for sick people
• How to make home improvements that will keep you there for as long as possible
• Why small life changes in your forties can lead to an extra decade of good health later on
• What to think about when planning financially for your future health

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