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Chris Price “Moshe Milevsky and Annuity Asset Allocation”

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If a client asked you how much of her retirement nest egg should be allocated to risky stocks versus safe bonds, I presume you’d have an answer. And if she then asked you how much of her equity should be in domestic stocks versus foreign stocks, or growth stocks versus value stocks, I’m equally sure you’d have something intelligent to say about that, too. After all, these classic asset allocation questions are the bread and butter of the investment management business.

But what if a client asked you how much of her nest egg should be invested in an annuity product versus regular mutual funds? What if she wants to know what proportion, if any, of her portfolio should be allocated to a variable annuity with a guaranteed living income benefit (GLiB)? Or what if she wants to figure out at what age she should purchase an annuity — or begin lifetime income on an existing VA product?

Chris Price, Director of Broker Dealer Relations for Shurwest Financila Group in Scottsdale, Arizona discusses Milevsky’s recommendations on annuity asset allocation.

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